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Parent & Community Resources


We discourage bullying at Kindred High School and take reports very serious.  If you know of or if your child is being bullied please contact Mr. Packer or the High School Counselor right away.

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Homework HelpLines

TutorND:      live tutors Sunday thru Thursday  6 to 10 pm

Kahn Academy:

GED Information      Click on the link below for more information and contact information.

GED Education Sites:

How do I get my GED?
The first step to getting your GED is to attend an orientation session.  Give yourself 1.5-2 hours for orientation.  After orientation you will begin to prepare for/take your official tests.
How much does it cost to get a GED?
There is no charge for classes or the materials you will use at the learning center.  Once you are ready for the official tests they will cost $30 each.
How long does it take to get your GED?
The time it takes is different for each person.  Some factors that determine how long it takes are your beginning level and how often you attend class.  Typically, the more a person comes to class the faster they finish.

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Cass County Social Services

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