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Financial Aid

Gaining higher education can be an expensive adventure.  Here are some helpful links to information that will show various resources to help understand the journey of “paying for college.”

Reciprocity for North Dakota residences to receive in state tuition for out of state colleges in MN & SD (check with college FA department) – YOU MUST SIGN UP

Form listed below to print off or you may sign up and find more information by going to this link:

ND Reciprocity

Financial Aid Information from ACT:  In this FREE eBook – Financial Aid: Paying for College and University – we help students through the financial aid process by teaching them:

  • The basics of financial aid
  • Where to find help paying for college
  • How to apply for financial assistance
  • How to estimate and compare the costs of their college choices
  • Ways to reduce and pay for the costs financial aid doesn’t cover


College Fee Calculator

One of the most important links is for Federal Student Aid.  There are application windows for applying and there are also deadlines that must be met.


Be AWARE of DEADLINE DATES for financial aid

Great Resources:

Lots of Information-

Information of College Debit:

The path to financial aid: Financial Path

College Budgeting: My College Budget

Save Your Money, Save Your Identity: