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AP & Dual Credit Information

Advanced Placement Program®(AP®) courses are college-level courses offered in high school. AP courses reflect what is taught in top introductory college courses

At the end of course, students take AP Exams—standardized exams that measure how well students have mastered college-level course work.

Students who do well on AP Exams can earn credit and/or placement into advanced courses in college.

AP Courses offered at Kindred High School

*AP Calculus

Dual Credit Basics

  • Dual credit courses are college level courses offered in high school. Dual credit courses also reflect what is taught in top introductory courses.
  • Students are enrolled as students of NDSCS and pay a reduced tuition.
  • The grade that a person earns in this class is put on both the high school and the college transcript.


Dual Credit Classes offered at Kindred High School

Composition/ Advance  Composition        College Algebra     Pre-Calculus

Other semester courses offered online through Lake Region, North Dakota School of Science, and Dakota College at Bottineau .    *****These courses vary to specific college academic schedules in fall and spring

Minimum Scores Required in Order to take College Courses

ACT English and Reading Exam = 18

ACT Mathematics Exam = 21 

Accuplacer Test

85 or higher on the Reading Comprehension WritePlacer Score of 5 and a Sentence Skills Score of 78 or higher or a WritePlacer Score of 6-8 before they would be able to take English Comp I

Accuplacer Mathematics Exam:

Depends of the College/University Lake Region (College Algebra)  For Math 103, students would need an Elementary Algebra score of 76-108 or a College Math score of 50-103


Face to Face: Classes taught in the high school by instructors who are paid by the high school- $74.49/per college credit*


Online Classes: $195.53/per college credit*

*These rates are approximate pending final approval*

Students that qualify for free or reduced meals, he/she may be eligible for financial assistance to pay for Early Entry courses. Through the Bank of North Dakota  Click Here for the Application

****Withdrawal from Dual Credit Courses and Refund Information (NDSCS Only) to include drop dates are located through this link/ this schedule shows how much your will be refunded if your student withdrawls from a Dual Credit Class:  REFUND SCHEDULE FOR EARLY ENTRY (DUAL CREDIT)