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Steve Hall


Contact Mr. Hall

Kent Packer

Secondary Principal

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Nancy Kochmann

Elementary Principal

Contact Mrs. Kochmann

Toshia Shaw

Secondary Administrative Assistant

Contact Mrs. Shaw

Tammy Palluck

Secondary Administrative Assistant

Contact Mrs. Palluck

Paula Myers

Elementary Administrative Assistant 

Contact Mrs. Myers

Melanie Moffet

Business Manager

Contact Mrs. Moffet

Gina Dahl

Technology Director

Contact Mrs. Dahl

Julie Jensen

Technology Integration Specialist

Contact Mrs. Jensen

Perry Piatz

Athletic Director

Contact Mr. Piatz

Joe Snowden

High School Counselor

Contact Mr. Snowden

Linette Kangas

Elementary Counselor

Contact Mrs. Kangas

Victor Muscha


Contact Mr. Muscha

Chantell Quernemoen

RN, Nurse

Contact Mrs. Quernemoen

Jennifer Stroh

School Psychologist

Contact Mrs. Stroh