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School History

Kindred Public School District #2

A Historical Glimpse . . .

In 1954, a log cabin, which for years had served as a museum in the Sons of Norway Park near the Sheyenne River, was dismantled and sent to Oslo, Norway, at the request of the Norwegian Government.  That same building had served as a schoolhouse for the children of our pioneers in 1873 when it stood on the P. Thrane Farm. Kindred Public School District No. 2 was organized in 1875, the second in Cass County.  The District included all of Normanna Township. However, four years later the area was cut in half. Later, reductions left it with only 9 ¾ sections. The next school was held in a granary on the J. Husebye farm, which is now owned by Gerald Overboe.

The first “city school” was in a remodeled City Hall, which was built in 1882. It was located where the current City Hall now stands. That school became too small and classes were held in rooms above a Kindred business.  The building was previously occupied by Jordet’s and then Dewey’s.  The building has since been demolished and Duane Lomsdal had a new business building constructed on that sight.

Then a two-story school building was constructed in 1896 on 2nd Ave. and Spruce Street. That school gave way to a more modern three-story building, which was built in 1922 on the location where the present school stands. The 1922 structure was destroyed by fire February 14, 1970.

In 1947 an auditorium/gymnasium was added when the citizens of the District approved a $25,000 bond issue.  The bond issue was one-half of the amount needed to finance the project.  The remainder came from contributions and voluntary labor.  This area has since been remodeled twice and included elementary and secondary music rooms, office and practice rooms.

Six elementary classrooms, an office, vocational agriculture classroom, shop and furnace rooms were added in 1957. In 1962, two rooms were added on the north part of the elementary classrooms and two classrooms, a band room and lunchroom were added on the south side.

In the 1960’s two school districts annexation were completed.  Walcott School District joined the district in 1966 and Davenport School District in 1968.

After the disastrous fire in 1970, the district voters approved a $450,000 bond issue and along with $166,248 of insurance money constructed a new gymnasium, locker rooms, lavatories, new cafeteria and kitchen, two new science rooms, and remodeled other classrooms and a new library.

On February 24, 1988, the school district was saved from a disaster when school district communities fire departments controlled and stopped a fire from destroying the school. The fire, which was discovered at 2:30 a.m., was contained, but the smoke and fire damage amounted to $425,000.

In 1992 the school district patrons approved a $2,500,000 school project.  The project created eight classrooms, a multipurpose room, commons, special services rooms, locker rooms, fitness room, receiving rooms and a five room, agriscience department. In addition to the new construction remodeling took place for two computer labs, elevator, elementary music room and special services.

In 1993 the Kindred Public School District was 275 sections of land with a taxable valuation of $5,137,981.  The last annexation was with the Leonard School District in 1994. The Leonard annexation increased the taxable valuation by $1,113,931.  The Kindred Public School District currently has 398 sections of land with a taxable valuation of over $14,000,000

The school district’s enrollment climbed to record high of 727 students in 2000.  Four portable classrooms were added to meet the enrollment increase.

In the summer of 2006 an addition and remodeling project added 4 classrooms and two bathrooms to the north end of the Kindred building. The kitchen and family and consumer science rooms were also fully remodeled.

The Kindred School District currently operates two school buildings.  The students in kindergarten and first grade are in the Davenport building and grade two through twelve in the Kindred building.

In 2006 the school district includes the communities of Davenport, Leonard, Kindred, Oxbow, and Walcott.

On May 20, 2010 the voters of the district approved a 14.7 million dollar interest free bond issue to build a new school facility for grades 7-12 and remodel the current Kindred facility for Kindergarten – 6th grade students. The first graduating class in the new facility will be the class of 2013. Upon completion of the project, use of the Davenport school facility was discontinued and sold back to the City of Davenport.

In 2012 the new Kindred High School opened with a total district enrollment of 673 students. There were 360 students in the elementary school (K-6) and 313 students in the high school (7-12).

In 2014 the school districts enrollment was at 683 students in (K-12). There were 390 students in the elementary school and 293 in the high school. There are 95 full and part-time staff working for the district. The present Superintendent is Steve Hall, Kent Packer is the JH/HS principal, and Nancy Kochmann is the elementary principal. The current School Board Members are , Mike Saewert, President, Sean Roesler, Vice-President, Directors: Roy Plankers, Rick Klose, Mark Rieger, Jean Hertsgaard, Brian McDonald, and Business Manager – Melanie Moffet.


(School board minutes began in 1931)

  • 1920 – 1925   Albert Oliver “A.O.”Swenson
  • 1925 – 1927    Morris Nelson
  • 1927 – 1932   Sigurd Esser
  • 1932 – 1935   Ira L. Plummer
  • 1935 – 1945   E. M. Kvikstad
  • 1945 – 1947   E. T. Langseth
  • 1947 – 1951 Ralph E. Miller
  • 1951 – 1954 A.C.Bjelde
  • 1954 – 1960 E.N. Herwick
  •  1960 – 1984 Hilbert Hanson
  • 1984 – 2002 Adam Boschee
  • 2002 – 2015 Steve Hall

To learn more about the Kindred School District and the Kindred Centennial from 1880-1980 and to also view pictures; please visit the following website:

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