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Elementary Staff

Kindred Elementary School

55 1st Avenue South

Kindred, ND  58051

(701) 428-3388

Nancy Bernstein


Contact Ms. Bernstein

Halle Johnsrud


Contact Mrs. Johnsrud

Mary Morin


Contact Mrs. Morin

Kelsey Mehrer


Contact Mrs. Mehrer

Trista Briscoe

Grade 1

Contact Mrs. Briscoe

Megan Schreiner

Grade 1

Contact Ms. Schreiner

Morgan Smith

Grade 1

Contact Ms. Smith

Ashley Fahnhorst

Grade 1

Contact Mrs. Fahnhorst

Amy Saewert

Grade 2

Contact Mrs. Saewert

Tenille Bakko

Grade 2

Contact Mrs. Bakko

Stacie Harvala

Grade 2

Contact Mrs. Harvala

Dana Andrisen

Grade 3

Contact Mrs. Andrisen

Linda Cose

Grade 3

Contact Mrs. Cose

Daniel Grout

Grade 3

Contact Mr. Grout

Scott Milbrandt

Grade 3

Contact Mr. Milbrandt

Mr. Milbrandt’s Webpage

Amanda Swenson

Grade 4

Contact Mrs. Swenson

Ellen Ista

Grade 4

Contact Mrs. Ista

Dan Nathan

Grade 4

Contact Mr. Nathan

Brook Rheault

Grade 4

Contact Ms. Rheault

Eric Burgad

Grade 5

Contact Mr. Burgad

Mr. Burgad’s Webpage

Vicki Milbrandt

Grade 5

Contact Mrs. Milbrandt

Kia Richard

Grade 5

Contact Mrs. Richard

Justin Lehmann

Grade 6

Contact Mr. Lehmann

Kathleen Lingen

Grade 6

Contact Mrs. Lingen

Cindy Norberg

Grade 6

Contact Mrs. Norberg

Linette Kangas


Contact Mrs. Kangas

Polly Roe


Contact Mrs. Roe

Erin Kub


Contact Ms. Kub

Theresa Schlangen


Contact Ms. Schlangen

Teresa Roesler


Contact Mrs. Roesler

Paul Schmitz

Physical Education

Contact Mr. Schmitz

Dustin Bruggeman

Physical Education

Contact Mr. Bruggeman

Jennifer Stroh

School Psychologist

Contact Mrs. Stroh

Julie Almquist

Special Education

Contact Mrs. Almquist

Monica Wolff

Special Education

Contact Mrs. Wolff

Kristina Heinle

Special Education

Contact Mrs. Heinle

Tessa Larson

Special Education

Contact Ms. Larson

Cynthia Moen

Special Education

Contact Ms. Moen

Kelsey Gress

Special Education

Contact Ms. Gress

Beth Mauch

Reading Strategist

Contact Mrs. Mauch

Lindsay Fischer

Preschool/Special Education

Contact Mrs. Fischer

Justine Gibbon

Title 1 Teacher

Contact Mrs. Gibbon