October 10-14

Math– This week in math we will focus on: parentheses and the associative property; listing the factors of whole numbers; the division algorithm; reading scales; and measuring time elapsed time.

Writing– We will publish our second personal narrative of the year and our focus skill will be showing character’s feelings.

Grammar– In grammar the 5th grade will be reviewing action verbs and verb tenses.

Spelling– Words with vowel + /r/ sounds.

Basic-earth, worthwhile, thirsty, peer, nerve, reverse, twirl, pier, worship, burnt, squirm, career, smear, weary, research, further, alert, volunteer, appear, murmur

Challenge– yearn, engineer, interpret, dreary, external


*On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of this week students from VCSU will be coming into our classroom and working with the 5th graders.  The will be teaching lessons with an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math.